Why study like your grandparents?

Picmonic Onboarding

In our first meeting with the Picmonic folks, we knew we were going to have our work cut out for us – just keeping up with the lingo. A startup in the medical education space, there was a lot of knowledge being thrown around and we had to be quick studies. Fortunately for us, Magnetry wasn’t expected to become doctors, we just needed to help Picmonic explain their study and comprehension tools to medical and nursing students across the world. Challenge accepted.

Learn to Love the Process.

To begin a video production project like this, we hold a discovery session with key stakeholders. What we hear forms the brief and the direction of the project. Picmonic's team was great and we collaborated well from the start. It's always a good sign when your client clearly enjoys what they do.

After the session, we went back to Magnetry HQ and wrote a bunch of scripts, treatments, and storylines that we thought would intrigue students and act as effective onboarding content. Next, we put each keyframe of the 3 final scripts on a panel, so that we could present a physical timeline of the video to their team. This allowed us to move and rearrange scenes, and proved invaluable in forming a final version by the time we left their office.

First comes approval, then production.

Once we had a script that everyone could agree upon, we went into production. We pride ourselves in putting more money on the screen than anyone else, and this assignment was no different. We brought the concept to life using a lot of smarts and ingenuity; as well as a great cast of theater students from Arizona State.

Put a little sugar on it.

We love to surprise our clients by making the work look like it had a much bigger budget than it did. For this project, we put some of their existing illustration content into motion for the first time to help demonstrate the service. AND we gave their logo a little bit of love, too.

Not everything makes the final cut.

Originally, an alt version of the video called for a live-action beaver that symbolized the content becoming real to the learner. Our beaver was killed in the final edit unfortunately, but we had a blast following our costumed-friend all over the city. He'll live on in infamy. Here and on our floor.


We – and the client – were pleased with the result.