When you turn 150 years old, you get a LOT of balloons.

Written By on June 13, 2017

After getting an invite from our friend Alison King of Modern Phoenix to capture a truly historic moment, we jumped at the chance. We were excited to help celebrate Frank Lloyd Wright’s 150th Birthday. Some of his most famous projects were holding their own local events and lucky for us, our celebration took place at the David and Gladys Wright House here in Phoenix. To help make this occasion more special, balloon artist Jihan Zencirli of Geronimo Balloons did an installation around the whole structure including the building’s interior.

For many years, The Wright House has been under constant threat of being demolished, but now the The School of Architecture at Taliesin (formerly The Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture) has rescued and claimed it as a donation.

Inside the building is just as stunning. The grand piano in the living room was a wonderful focal point, both visually and musically as local pianist Sarah Koehler, played a few pieces that accompanied the video we put together.

Our love for classic Phoenix architecture inspired this small passion project, and we could not have been more grateful to capture the spectacle.