If you…

are the type of person who considers themselves a problem-solver, keep reading. We’ll dispense with our prerequisites for a front-end developer; if you have to ask then this position probably isn’t for you. However, we will say if you consider yourself extra handy at custom WordPress development you’ll be bumped to the front of the line. If you realize that the most valuable skill of all is the ability and willingness to learn new approaches, better methods and to do research then you are our type of assassin. What you already know is important, but way less interesting to us than your desire to know more. If you are comfortable with clients and have some general people skills (as in the skill of being a good one,) those are obvious positives. Here, our developers don’t hide, we know communication with clients and designers is the difference between a decent project and a great one. You must appreciate that the goal is to build an experience and a developer is expected to bring solutions to the table. Lastly, we know that what’s beneath a great app or website is beautiful code, but the higher calling is a wonderful product. Most important of all—and this is something you should write down—Robert will expect you to laugh, convincingly, at his dad jokes. If this sounds like you,

then send your site.